Jane Zeller

Founding President

Dear Friends, Sympathizers and well wishers,


I am very grateful for the interest you have shown to our commitment by stopping by. Our compassion and devotion to abandoned and homeless children gives us a reason to live. Like Jacky Robinson once said: "A life is not important, except of the impact it has on other lives". In between the lines of this phrase I see the reason for the existence of St. George Orphanage.


I am a living witness of the situations where children have been abandoned and rendered orphans by nature. And I can tell you for anybody with soul and conscience; it is not a nice image. From family relations to neighbors, and even strangers, I have seen it all.


I must say I was fortunate enough not to be part of this bad experience. Though, ,l come from a poor back ground, I feel so glad and thank God for that, I just can't stop thinking for those that are not fortunate enough.  But with the notion that, that's the way life goes, I couldn't get a relief until I thought of putting money and efforts for the relief of mankind. And so came the idea of St. George Orphanage Cameroon.


As founder and President of this organization, I strive to make a difference in the lives of abandoned and homeless children. It is a big task of course, but we are determined to succeed. I know what we stand for is bigger than what we had wished, we can put smiles in the faces of these children and give them a voice for tomorrow. But all these cannot be achieved without the generous contributions of people like you. A loaf of bread is better than nothing. We could each sacrifice a penny, and provide food to these children.


This organization has a representative in Switzerland, and intends to collaborate with international organizations, donor agencies, as well as men and women of goodwill.


May the Almighty God Bless you in advance, Amen.


Who we are

The Saint George Orphanage is an independent, not-for-profit social centre taking care of abandoned and homeless children.

The centre is based in Kumba, South West of Cameroon. The activities of the centre evolves around the Kumba municipality and the South West Region of Cameroon as a whole.


The mission of Saint Georges Orphanage is to be a mother for abandoned and homeless children. Thus the principal activities of the orphanage are:
– to find abandoned and homeless children from birth to the age of 12.
– To take care of this children till the age of 18.
– To provide these abandoned children with food, clothing, education, health, and the opportunity to learn a trade which will enable them to be gainfully employed and thus become self-reliant.


The aim of the orphanage include the following:
– To free innocent children from poverty and suffering
– To transform abandoned and hopeless children into hopeful and optimistic boys and girls.
– To give orphans another chance in life
– To advocate and foster for abandoned children till the end of time.
– To make a difference in the lives of homeless children.

About Kumba Municipality

This metropolitan city called Kumba, is the commercial capital of the South West Province, is host of over a million inhabitants. It’s fast growing economy and ever increasing population has made it one of the fastest growing cities in Cameroon. It is a welcoming place for people from other parts of the country as well as neighbouring Nigeria.

This has convinced many to call it their second home. Some of the pertinent problems facing the city include: bad roads, high temperatures and unemployment, especially of youths. Most of the unemployed adult population are farmers. Teenage pregnancy, coupled with poverty and high death toll, has made this city the abode for abandoned and homeless children.

However, it is a city of peace, life and hope. Its inhabitants are looking for long lasting solutions to the problems of the city, and one of these solutions has been the creation of Saint Georges Orphanage with Jane Zeller as founding President.

Support us

The success of St. Georges Orphanage in catering and fostering abandoned and homeless children would also depend heavily on the kind and generous contribution of people and organisations of goodwill.

This will however highly appreciated. Your support in kind or cash would make a difference in the following domain for which aid is badly needed:

Orphanage dispensary, Food stuff, Clothing, Transportation, Computers, Games, Laundry machines, Building materials

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